Contact Your Elected Officials

Please contact your Senator and Delegates to tell them how important health care reform is to you.  Find your elected officials.

Talking Points

  • Health care reform is very important
  • The feds have passed enabling legisltion
  • Maryland needs to enact legislation making it work
  • We cannot solve the state budget crisis on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens

Step 1:  Compose your Letter


Please use this box to write your letter,or to copy and paste text from our suggested Talking Points. When you're finished, just copy EVERYTHING you've placed in the box and paste it in your email message.


Step 2:  Open Up an Email to your Elected Official.
Click on the link to the right for your Senator and Delegates and open up the email.  If you do not know your Senator or Delegate, find them.

Step 3:  Copy your letter
Using Copy on your Browser, Copy your letter from the box below and paste it into your elected officials box.  Then complete the instructions to send the email.

Step 4:  Tell us you sent the email
That way we can know how many letters they are getting.