Call To Action

Maryland has always been a national leader in advancing healthcare reform, and for more than a decade, Consumer Health First has been seeking solutions to advance reforms that promote health equity through access to comprehensive, affordable, high quality health care for all Marylanders.

Here are ways you can help:

Things You Can Do TODAY:

1.   Contact Governor Larry Hogan's office and ask him to protect the ACA and Medicaid Expansion in Maryland:

2.  Nine of Maryland's Congressional delegation are opposed to the AHCA, but we need to ensure that ALL vote against it. If you are not sure what legislative district you live in, CLICK HERE to find out, and contact your Representative to let them know how you feel!

3.  One Maryland Congressman is supporting the AHCA. Contact Representative Andy Harris, Maryland District 1, and tell him to vote NO on the AHCA bill! 

4.   Call friends and family in the states listed here and ask them to make calls to their representatives.

5..   Attend Town Halls and Rallies. Check our Event Page for upcoming events.

6.   Share Your Story. Let us know how the ACA helped you or a family member. How would a repeal or major changes affect you?

7.   Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. Share our posts and tweets and use the hashtag #HealthCareKeepIt and #ProtectOurCare.

Other Things You Can Do:

  1. Contact Your Elected Officials
  2. Learn the ABCs of Advocacy:
  3. The media is important to spread your message.  Check out our Tips for Media Outreach.
  1. Commit to reading, sharing, and tweeting/ re-tweeting at least one article per day about the impact of repealing the ACA. If you Tweet - use the hashtags #HealthCareKeepIt and #ProtectOurCare.
  2. Download our Fact Postcard, and share it or print it out.
  3. Invite us to an event! Or hold your own Rally or Town Hall meeting! We'll help you.