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Introducing Health Care. Keep It. A new campaign and a new section to our website. Head to the "ACA Now" tab at the top of this page, and find pages of links to the latest news under 3 sections:

  1. The Latest on the Future of the Affordable Care Act
  2. The Future of Medicare and Medicaid
  3. Impact on Insurers, Doctors, Hospitals, and Drugs / Drug Costs.

Since November's election, we have, and will continue to gather, breaking news and analysis of what to expect regarding the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and health care reform in general, nationally - and here in Maryland. Health Care. Keep It. is broken out by topic, and then in chronological order with the latest news at the top, and will be updated as news develops. You don't have to search all over the internet for an article you saw - just come here! We welcome your tips, comments, input, and stories about how the repeal or changes to the ACA, Medicare, or Medicaid will affect you personally, or that of your clients and consumers. Write to us, and tell us about it, or submit your story here.

Thank You!!

We couldn't have done it without you! The totals are still coming in, but we raised at least $11,000 toward our goal of $15,000 because of YOU.

We have never faced a bigger challenge than when this organization was founded more than 10 years ago. Now, with the near certainty of the ACA being repealed, we are rededicating ourselves to our mission - ensuring that all Marylanders have the accessible, affordable, equitable healthcare they deserve. It's a tall order, but one we're fighting for every day.

That's why your contributions mean so much - and so much more - now. 

We have a long way to go. Longer perhaps, than we anticipated. But it's no longer a dream - it's an achievable goal we fully expect to realize, with your support.

Thank you again for your generosity,

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Jeananne Sciabarra, Executive Director

Giving Tuesday - $5,000 Challenge

Help Us Reach our goal of $15,000

TODAY, you have the opportunity to give back to your community. You can do that by making your first donation to Consumer Health First!

We are proud to be Maryland's leading health policy and advocacy organization and, with you, we share a commitment to ensure that all Marylanders have the access to the coverage and care that they deserve. Most importantly, we make sure that the first question decision-makers ask when drafting legislation or implementing policy is - what will be the impact on consumers?  This is especially critical now, when the gains made under the Affordable Care Act are at risk. 

Over the last ten years, Consumer Health First has had an impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Marylanders. We have worked to:  

  • advocate for the expansion of Medicaid and the rights of those who receive it; 
  • create consumer-centric laws and policies for implementation of the Affordable Care Act; 
  • pro-actively engage in Maryland's unique model for transformation of our payment and health delivery systems; and 
  • ensure that in all areas consumers' rights are protected.

Please  take a few minutes to watch this video. Hear from real people who have benefited from the ACA, and learn why organizations like the Open Society Institute-Baltimore support our work:

Hundreds of thousands of Marylanders now have health care coverage because of the work we have done together.  However, we now face a new political landscape that may threaten the advances we have made. Consumer Health First, we will work at both the Federal and State level to make sure we do not lose what's been gained with the Affordable Care Act. We will also move forward with policy makers, legislators, advocates and consumers on a host of issues.

Let's secure the right of health care for all Marylanders!

Help us reach our Giving Tuesday goal of $15,000!

DHMH HSCRC Draft Progression Plan for Public Comment

The All-Payer Model Agreement between CMS and the State of Maryland calls for Maryland to submit its plans to extend the All-Payer Model by December 31, 2016. This next iteration of the All-Payer Model must limit the growth in total cost of care for Medicare beneficiaries in a second term that will begin on January 1, 2019. With this draft of the “Progression Plan” document, Maryland outlines its proposal to accomplish the expanded system-wide goals and address the State’s goal of including the Medicaid costs for Medicare beneficiaries who are also covered by Medicaid. 

They will be accepting comments from stakeholders and the general public from now through December 2nd, 2016. It's vital that you raise your voice - this plan may be in jeopardy next year with the new administration. Please send your comments and questions to


Click here to read the plan: Draft All-Payer Model Progression Plan for Public Comment

Post Election News Roundup

Consumer Health First looks forward to working with our newly elected Congressional Delegation, Maryland's legislators and the Hogan Administration, as we continue to secure the full promise of the Affordable Care Act for our fellow residents. As we have said before, health care is a right and not a privilege and each Marylander deserves full and equal access to affordable, comprehensive and high-quality care. Please, let us know what your highest priority issues are as you look to the future.

One way in which you can help, is to give generously on Giving Tuesday, November 29th. Details are in the sidebar.

Meanwhile, the pundits have begun looking at their crystal balls to try and predict what US healthcare will look like in the Trump administration. Here are just a few of dozens of  links:

View Our Comments for Network Adequacy Standards

We hosted a noontime webinar on November 4th, entitled Network Adequacy: Advancing the Consumer Perspective.  The key discussion centered around the research and development of a set of recommendations regarding Network Adequacy Standards, that Consumer Health First presented to the Maryland Insurance Administration on November 10. You can download and read the recommendations here.

If you weren't able to listen to the webinar live, here is a link to the recording, or just the slide presentation if you prefer.